Lumia 920 = Sweet

I did end up trading up from an iPhone to a Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8 and I am extremely happy with my choice. I am not a fanboy for any particular device, operating system or manufacturer, so I move around devices based on whats out, whats good and what does what I need and the Lumia is great for me.

I am not 100% satisfied, but none of the things that bother me are show stoppers.

1. Music synchronization and synchronization in general. The Sync app that comes with Windows 8 (the desktop OS) is beta, and the way it behaves reminds you of that constantly. Although it lets you synchronize through a multitude of applications, even iTunes if you are an iPhone immigrant, but it will likely crash on you alot and frustrate you. I ended up abandoning iTunes syncing through the WP8 app and switched to Windows Media Player as it doesn’t crash as much and lets me sync all my music while I find a better alternative.

2. The weight. I knew it was a heavy phone before I bought it, but I wasn’t prepared for how heavy it really was going to be. I can live with it, but I’m not sure why its as heavy as it is.

3. Battery life. Terrible. I have a long commute each day (1.5 hours to work each way on the train) and watch alot of movies and tv shows, and by the end of the day my battery is dead or dying. I turned on battery saver, and it helps a bit, but generally I find if battery saver kicks in its already too late and youre going to run out of juice.

4. Lack of apps. Getting better, and not a show stopper, but clearly there are not as many apps available for WP8. My bank doesn’t have an app yet which stinks as I do alot of mobile banking. The number of apps available at launch was decent for a brand new OS.

5. Slippery case. The phone is already quite big, and I had to purchase a case which makes it even bigger because the case (I have the all black version) is slow slippery I felt like the thing would fly out of my hands when I took it from my pocket.

Those are really my main beefs, which is not bad all things considered. There are lots of things to like about the phone: the big, beautiful screen, create camera, the speed and usability of the Windows Phone 8 OS.

Overall, I am delighted with my choice!

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